Java Programming

Course Start Date: 25TH April 2016

Next Intake: T.B.A.

Duration: 1 Month

Course Outline

Level Duration Content

Level 1 20 Hrs. Unit-I Unit-II

Level 2 20 Hrs. Unit-III Unit- IV


Introduction to Object Oriented Paradigm, Difference between Procedural and Object oriented methodology, Properties of Object oriented Programming, Advantages of Java , Byte code, JVM, Properties of Java statements and expressions, Fundamental data types, operators and precedence, Syntax of Java, Loops , Flow Control, Conditional Statements.


Object oriented programming concepts – objects – classes – methods and messages – abstraction and encapsulation – inheritance – polymorphism.- Objects and classes in Java – defining classes – methods – access Specifiers Inheritance – class hierarchy – dynamic binding – final keyword – abstract classes – interfaces – object cloning – inner classesMultiple Inheritance and its disadvantages, Diamond Problem.


Arrays, Strings, Functions on strings e.g. tokenization etc. Array Lists, Maps, Hash Maps, Manipulation of Data Structure e.g. Hash Maps, Arrays, Tree, etc. Representing Graph in Java, Representing Social Network in Java and performing operations on social network using Java inbuilt data structure.


Command Line Arguments, GUI in Java , AWT, Swing, Event Handling, Widgets as objects: buttons, sliders, scrollbars, menus Instantiation of widgets, encapsulation of widgets, Applets, Exception Handling, JDBC, Multithreading , Stream Input/Output, File Handling, Packages, Problem Solving Using Java- Decomposing the projects in to packages and Source files. Case Study With some class Projects.